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To nurture the feminine through multidimensional embodiment modalities for deeper connection, transformation and liberation.
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"No healing can happen without the feminine"

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I started taking Yin with Dalia about 5 months ago after a lifetime of training and zero stretching. The last 15 years has been a consistent struggle with lower back pains and overall muscle stiffness. After 2 classes a week my life has changed. I’m am stronger, more flexible, devoid of pain and genuinely healthier  than I was as a young adult. Dalia takes the time to create the right atmosphere through candles and music and her voice puts everyone at ease and makes us often pain ridden active men feel comfortable. I want to thank you for how you have transformed my health and for always being my Sunday and Tuesday night weekly schedule.


A new world opens with new “forgotten?”  sensations and emotions. A new journey begins. It allows me to explore and create unexpected spaces on a mental, physical and emotional level. Every Session is a new path towards self-confidence and maximum relaxation. Thank you Dalia for guiding us with passion on this voyage!!


Dalia has a unique style in teaching Yin Yoga. She cleverly manages to connect the physical practice to Yoga’s underlying philosophy and principles, resulting in a highly satisfying experience for beginners and experts alike.


Thank you sooo much Dalia for yesterday evening. Such a beautiful experience. I am trying to describe how it felt… but can’t find the words…


Btw there is the aftermath/effect of the retreat after 2 weeks…Your message has been highly delivered… for myself and in a nutshell I can sense and feel the change happening in my whole system… The liberation got a huge space in several areas like a “Domino Effect” and I feel its like expanding… As much as I FEEL GOOD, I wondered if I was the same person who endured all the release and pain…Hamdella and thank you!


Much appreciation and love to your energy, what ur doing, the experience and the opportunity you gave me!


Waking up this morning with a clear and relaxed mind, thankful for the gift of having experienced last weekend and meeting all of you. Dalia, you have manifested a beautiful thing. I am grateful. With light and love ❤


Beautiful Dalia, I am so blessed to have crossed with your radiating presence and energy. The retreat added so much to my journey. Thank you for holding space for me and reminding me of my worth… I will keep showing up… stay shining!!